Next Meeting: November 13, 2014


Agenda: Prof. Dan Boylan will give us his analysis and perspective on the 2014 election.

Date:        6-9 pm  November 13, 2014      Thursday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street

Dan Boylan is a widely recognized expert on Hawaii politics.  He moderated PBS Hawaii Insights program for over 20 years and continues to write the “Mostly Politics” column for Midweek.  He recently retired from teaching history at UH West Oahu.


Please see Columbia Journalism Review aticle: “Q&A: Hawaii Political Reporter Dan Boylan”


Next Meeting: October 9, 2014

Agenda: Prof. Robert Huey will talk about Prof. Mamoru Akamine’s forthcoming book Ryukyu Kingdom, Cornerstone of East Asia.  This book surveys the history of the Ryukyus from the time of the three kingdoms up to the Japanese annexation.   

Date: 6:00 pm  October 9, 2014    Thursday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street



August 2014

Flag simple map of South America.


Dear Folks,

We will not be having a WUB general meeting in August.  Many of our members will be attending the 60th anniversary of Okinawan immigration to Bolivia, the 100th anniversary celebration at Campo Grande, Brazil, and the 3rd World Uchinanchu Conference/World Uchinanchu Business Network conference in Lima, Peru.  They have a very busy schedule ahead of them!

Uchinanchus Around the World


2014 Okinawan Festival Coming Soon!

Don’t forget to sign up for Gomi Gumi at the Okinawan Festival!


Next Members Meeting: June 12, 2014


Liana Nakahodo

Liana Nakahodo

Liana Nakahodo will be speaking at our June 12 meeting.

Liana is a sansei from Brazil.  She will tell us about the struggle, perseverance, accomplishments and sense of community among the Brazilian Uchinanchus.  The Okinawan diaspora resulted in many leaving the homeland in the Ryukyus for a better life in different parts of the world: Hawaii, mainland USA, but also in South America: Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil.  Although scattered all over the world, we are one Uchinanchu community.

Liana graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with a BS degree in Agricultural Engineering.  She is an environmental engineer/consultant for TN Ambiental Engenharia Quimica.  She recently completed the East-West Center’s Asia Pacific Leadership Program.  She is also a recipient of the WUB Scholarship.

Come listen to Liana and learn about our growing Uchinanchu international network!

Time:             6:00 pm    June 12, 2014    Thursday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street




Next Members Meeting: May 8, 2014

Speaker: Senator David Ige

Senator David Ige

 Senator David Ige

Senator David Ige will speaking at our May 8 meeting.  He chairs the Senate Committee on Ways and Means.  This is the committee that handles the state budget and other money matters.

Senator Ige was born and raised in Pearl City.  His professional background is in electrical engineering.  During his twenty six years in the Legislature Senator Ige has built up an impressive record of legislative accomplishments in the areas of education, economic development, health care, and legislative reform.

Senator David Ige is challenging Governor Neal Abercrombie in the primary, so come listen to him!

Time:             6:00 pm    May 8, 2014    Thursday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street



Next Members Meeting: April 10, 2014



路遙知馬力, 日久見人心

“As a long road tests the strength of a horse, so time reveals a person’s heart.”

Time:             6:00 pm    April 10, 2014    Thursday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street

Agenda:      Direction and Plans for 2014


Preview — Okinawan Plate Lunch


This is a sneak preview of the Okinawan plate lunch that will be served at the “Okinawan Secrets to Longevity” symposium this coming Sunday!

The Okinawan plate lunch was designed by chef Nathan Tasato and Utage Restaurant.  Bradley J. Willcox and D. Craign Willcox’s The Okinawan Diet Plan was used in planning the plate lunch.

Okinawa Plate Lunch

• Jushi rice
• Goya and tofu champuru
• Kakuni (shoyu pork)
• Sweet potato
• Konyaku
• Sea vegetable
• Soba


Next Members Meeting: February 13, 2014


“Essence of Karate Do – Okinawan Art of Peace”

Time:             6:00 pm    February 13, 2014    Thursday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street

Speaker:      Zenko Heshiki, Zen Priest, Karate Sensei 7th Dan, Poet.




Announcement:  Uchinanchu Talk Story IV “Secrets of Okinawan Longevity” (March 9, 2014 – East West Center, Imin Center) now has an official wordpress site!  Please go to that site for registration information.