Nov-Dec 2013

Deigo plant - Source: Okinawaology

Fall Colors – Deigo plant is the only tree known to shed its leaves during Okinawa’s mild sub-tropical winters.  Source: Okinawaology

No WUB General Meetings for November and December 2013

Next scheduled meeting will be the second Thursday in January 2014

Date:           January 9, 2014
Location:    Maple Garden


Next Meeting: October 10, 2013

WUB Hawaii Meeting 

Time:             6:00 pm    October 10, 2013    Thursday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street

Agenda:        John Tasato and Mike Schoonover will be reporting on their visit to the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii and their meeting with the Kona Okinawa Club. Energy independence is vital for the future of island societies like Hawaii and Okinawa.

Mike Schoonover, Ph.D., will speak about his relationship with UOP as a Research Director-Technology engaged in Business Process Re-engineering from a system approach; Knowledge Management Strategy and Start-up of a new company.



Next Meeting: September 12

WUB Hawaii Meeting 

Time:             6:30 pm    September 12th, 2013    Thursday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street

Speaker:       Dr. Craig Wilcox, gerontologist and medical researcher

Topic:             Nutrition and Longevity Among Okinawans

Dr. Craig Wilcox - Gerontologist

Dr. Craig Wilcox – Gerontologist

Interview with Dr. Craig Wilcox.  Source: Island Icons.


When did you first hear about Okinawan longevity?

“While at the University of Toronto I participated in a study investigating how nutrition and other factors were associated with healthy survival. One group we were looking at was Japanese Canadians in the province of Ontario and this is when I first met Toku Oyakawa. Oyakawa-san was 105; he’d been born in Nago City (in northern Okinawa) and later emigrated to Canada. He was living a traditional Okinawan lifestyle in Canada, which suggested that Okinawan health habits could be followed anywhere in the world.”

When did you move to Okinawa?

“In the summer of 1994 I came out to Okinawa on a three-month summer research project. I interned with Dr. Makoto Suzuki, a professor of Community Medicine at the University of the Ryukyus. During this time I met Nakamura-san a healthy 100-year-old man who would later become the oldest person in Japan. After completing my graduate studies back at the University of Toronto I got funding from the Japanese government to work as a researcher at the University of the Ryukyus. In 1999, I became an assistant professor at Okinawa Prefectural University, College of Nursing, then in 2007 I moved to become a professor at Okinawa International University.”

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Summer 2013

Dear Folks,

Due to many people being off island during the month of July, it has been decided to skip the month of July.

Our next WUB meeting will be:

Date:  Thursday  August 8th

Time:  6-9 pm

Place:  Maple Garden Chinese Restaurant

Topic/Speaker:  Dr. Myles Suehiro, MD  FAARFM (Fellow Anti-Aging Regenerative Functional Medicine)

-Focusing on Metabolic Syndrome: Obesity, Glucose intolerance,
Cardiovascular Disorder, Hypelipdermia seen from System Medicine approach
-Overview of personal health status, life style management, complex
medical problems, looking for common denominator of care in a holistic

YouTube Video of Dr. Suehiro: Click here.



Don’t forget that the Okinawan Festival will be August 31 and September 1 at Kapiolani Park.  We will be contacting WUB members for help with scrip sales.  We also need help with goma gumi (rubbish pick up).

Robert Arakaki

Next Meeting: June 19, 2013

Hawaii Okinawan Center and property across the street

Hawaii Okinawan Center and property across the street

WUB Hawaii Meeting

Time:             6:00 pm        June 19th, 2013   Wednesday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street

Speaker:     Jon Itomura, past HUOA President and Chairman of the Okinawa Plaza project, a property across the current Hawaii Okinawan Center at Waipio.


Satellite shot

Satellite shot

Another satellite view

Another satellite view

Next Meeting: May 9, 2013

WUB Hawaii Meeting

Time:             6:00 pm        May 9th, 2013

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street

Speakers:     Graduating students of the Akisamiyo! Club.


Yurukubi! (Congratulations!)

WUB Hawaii congratulates the “new immigrants” (the graduating students) and future leaders of Okinawa as they embark on an exciting adventure into the future!