UTS III — Lt. Gen. Gregson’s speech


Keynote speaker, Lt. General Wallace Gregson Ret., former commander, US Marine Forces Pacific, explains how Okinawa’s geography has shaped its history and present day situation.  The speech was given at the East-Weste Center symposium, Uchinanchu Talk Story III, March 10, 2013.

Gen. Wallace "Chip" Gregson delivering his speech on 10 March 2013.

Lt. Gen. Wallace “Chip” Gregson (Ret.).

To hear Gen. Gregson’s speech visit here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_9VjXP9yUs

UTS III — Welcome Message by John Tasato


WUB Hawaii President John Tasato welcomes Uchinanchu Talk Story III.

WUB Hawaii President John Tasato welcomes Uchinanchu Talk Story III.

Aloha!  Haisai!

We just completed the successful Uchinanchu Talk Story III “U.S. Bases in Okinawa Forum.”  The conference was held at the East-West Center on March 10.  The purpose of the conference was not to make policy, nor to make a statement, but to learn more about a complex issue and just as importantly to ask questions.

We were honored to have Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie and Lt. General Wallace “Chip” Gregson, (Ret.), former Commanding General US Marine Force Pacific (MARFORPAC) as our keynote speakers.  In light of the high level of interest at the conference and the need to keep the conversation going we have provided a link to Gov. Abercrombie’s speech and a comment section where you are invited to voice your opinion on the issue.  We ask that you be civil and thoughtful in your comment speaking to the issue and refraining from personal attacks.

WUB Hawaii is proud to be partners with Akisamiyo-! and the East-West Center.  It is through partnering together that we will strengthen our community locally and around the world.

John Y. Tasato
President, WUB Hawaii