Next Members Meeting: April 10, 2014



路遙知馬力, 日久見人心

“As a long road tests the strength of a horse, so time reveals a person’s heart.”

Time:             6:00 pm    April 10, 2014    Thursday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street

Agenda:      Direction and Plans for 2014


Preview — Okinawan Plate Lunch


This is a sneak preview of the Okinawan plate lunch that will be served at the “Okinawan Secrets to Longevity” symposium this coming Sunday!

The Okinawan plate lunch was designed by chef Nathan Tasato and Utage Restaurant.  Bradley J. Willcox and D. Craign Willcox’s The Okinawan Diet Plan was used in planning the plate lunch.

Okinawa Plate Lunch

• Jushi rice
• Goya and tofu champuru
• Kakuni (shoyu pork)
• Sweet potato
• Konyaku
• Sea vegetable
• Soba