Next Meeting: February 12, 2015


Gerald Bullock

Gerald Bullock

Gerald is a “Head Hunter” or “Medical Device Recruiter.”  He will be talking about what he does as a bi-cultural Japan/USA headhunter/recruiter.

Earlier in life he studied linguistics and English as a Second Language (ESL) at UH Manoa.  Gerald is an Uchinanchu-in-heart – he loves the band Begin!

A teaching assignment brought him to Kobe, Japan where in a surprising turn of events he met a few headhunters and became intrigued by their profession.  He subsequently moved to Tokyo where he lived for several years.  He recently made Hawaii his home.  LinkedIn source.

Agenda:   Gerald Bullock will be speaking on his work as a “headhunter.”

Date:         6-9 pm  February 12, 2015    Thursday

Location:  Maple Garden Restaurant  909 Isenberg Street