Next Meeting: March 12, 2015

Prof. Tetsumi Takara - Ryukyu University

Prof. Takara – Uchinanchu Talk Story III

Prof. Tetsumi Takara is professor of law at the Ryukyu University.

He will speak on the proposed changes to Japan’s Constitution to allow Japan to use armed forces to resolve international disputes and what it might mean for Okinawa’s future.

Podcast – Prof. Takara at UTS III

New York Times “Abe Is Said to Have Plans to Revise Pacifist Charter” (5 February 2015)


Agenda:   Prof. Takara will discuss the propose changes to Japan’s peace constitution and what it could mean for the future of Okinawa

Date:         6-9 pm  March 12, 2015    Thursday

New Location!

Vineyard Zippy’s  —  59 N. Vineyard Boulevard  532-4211

images-47Parking is in the Zippy’s lot and only in the Queens Medical Center lot.  No parking at Hosoi.