Next Meeting: August 13, 2015


Agenda: Stanley Takamine will speak on the Building of the Hawaii Okinawan Center.

110331_14Stanley Takamine served as Co-Chairman of the committee that built  the Hawaii Okinawa Center.  He is a retired Hawaiian Electric Administrator, Past UOA President that shaped HUOA as we see it today.  While Ed Kuba served as the Fundraising Chair and spoke to us of the fundraising challenges and success, Stan was his boss and went to Okinawa and wooed the businesses and friends that made the fundraising a huge success.


Date:       August 13, 2015 Thursday

Time        6-8:30 pm

New Location!

Vineyard Zippy’s  —  59 N. Vineyard Boulevard  532-4211

images-47Parking is in the Zippy’s lot and only in the Queens Medical Center lot.  No parking at Hosoi.


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