Getting the Facts

New Page Added

Getting the facts is crucial to democratic participation and for scholarly analyses.  In preparation for the upcoming Uchinanchu Talk Story VI (UTS VI) on 24 July 2016, a new page — UTS VI – Documents & Resources — has been created that has links to official documents relating to the US bases in Okinawa.  Please look at the far left side of the navigation bar.

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For example, on 16 July 2016, published an article critical of the way US Marine Corps training video explain Okinawan views and cultures to service personnel who will be stationed in Okinawa.  A PDF of the slide presentation has been published on the Internet.  We made a copy of it and embedded it into the link below.  We urge our readers to view the official documents for themselves and get the facts directly.

As of 16 July 2016, two official documents have been listed in the tab UTS VI – Documents & Resources:

US Marines’ Okinawa Culture Orientation Presentation

Status of Forces Agreement (1960)