Next Members Meeting: June 12, 2014


Liana Nakahodo

Liana Nakahodo

Liana Nakahodo will be speaking at our June 12 meeting.

Liana is a sansei from Brazil.  She will tell us about the struggle, perseverance, accomplishments and sense of community among the Brazilian Uchinanchus.  The Okinawan diaspora resulted in many leaving the homeland in the Ryukyus for a better life in different parts of the world: Hawaii, mainland USA, but also in South America: Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil.  Although scattered all over the world, we are one Uchinanchu community.

Liana graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with a BS degree in Agricultural Engineering.  She is an environmental engineer/consultant for TN Ambiental Engenharia Quimica.  She recently completed the East-West Center’s Asia Pacific Leadership Program.  She is also a recipient of the WUB Scholarship.

Come listen to Liana and learn about our growing Uchinanchu international network!

Time:             6:00 pm    June 12, 2014    Thursday

Location:      Maple Garden Restaurant       909 Isenberg Street