“Peace Economy” Statement

Declaration Statement from Okinawa Wishing the Development of a “Peace Economy”

WUB (Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Network) will:

1. Work together with Uchinanchu business people around the globe to promote business activities, as well as to establish an international network for the purpose of economic development of respective countries and regions.

2. Reaffirm and promote the Uchinanchu spirit of “Ichariba Chode” (Once we meet, we are brothers and sisters forever.) that has been handed down through generations of Okinawans. We respect different cultures and ways of thinking, and will aspire to the realization of a Multicultural Coexistence Society without poverty and discrimination.

3. By utilizing the Uchinanchu Network as a powerful force for peace, our Mission is to further develop economic, educational, cultural, and people-to-people exchange on an international basis and to work towards the realization of a “Peace Economy”.

Adopted:  August 19, 2014 – Naha, Okinawa


Back ground

When the Ryukyu Kingdom was a proud and flourishing country, its economy was based on very successful trade with China and its surrounding Asian countries (“Bankoku Shinryo”). The Ryukyuans respected peaceful diplomacy and their kingdom played an active role as an international gathering place for people, goods, culture and ideas.

It has been over a century since Uchinanchu ventured abroad seeking new lands for their homes. They established respectable and successful social and economic status in their new communities and passed the spirit of “Bankoku Shinryo” to their younger generations.

Sixty-nine years ago Okinawa was devastated by war and many Uchinanchus lost their families. They were driven to the depths of despair. At that time, the people who responded immediately to rescue Okinawa were Uchinanchus who lived in Hawaii, South America, and North America. Okinawa will never forget their love and support for their ancestral homeland and its people. Through our tragic wartime experience, we understand the preciousness of peace. To avoid repeating that tragedy again, we must aspire to a realization of peace in our global community.

Solutions solely dependent on force could divide the bonds that have been established and create conflicts and disparity between countries and regions. WUB (Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Network) promotes an international level of Uchinanchu economic, educational, and cultural exchange with members around the world. In order to create global economic exchange and networking, a peaceful international environment is essential. We believe that the Uchinanchu spirit of Chimugukuru (unselfish and altruistic action), and Yuimaru (to help each other) are extremely useful as a way to promote global economic activities.