World Uchinanchu Business Association

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Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association (WUB Hawaii) is a non-profit organization of business professionals and individuals and is a chartered Okinawan Chamber of Commerce.


Our goals:

  • to represent its membership and promote business opportunities on a global basis;
  • to educate and inform its membership of business opportunities and developments beyond Hawaii;
  • to publish and exchange information among members of international business opportunities;
  • to support its members by sharing knowledge and skills which enable them to be successful on the stage of international business.


The Hawaii Uchinanchu Business Group (HUB) was the genesis of the current organization. Established in 1993, HUB began as a group of Hawaii Uchinanchus who participated in a loosely organized “Okinawa Business Study Tour.” Inspired by this event, the tour members decided to formally organize. HUB has always had an intention of expanding their organizations and activities beyond Hawaii throughout the world and especially in their ancestral home of Okinawa.

The idea of establishing the Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association (WUB) was first proposed at the “Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Conference” held in Honolulu on September, 1997. During the conference, representatives from various regions such as Okinawa, Asia, South America, and North America were selected to begin establishing a WUB chapter in each region. On November, 1997 during the ‘Hawaii-Okinawa Grand Conference’ in Okinawa, Mr. Robert Nakasone (then president of HUB) announced the official establishment of WUB. To date, there are 22 chapters throughout the world.


Current Activities:

Regular monthly meetings are typically held on the second Thursday of each month, in which presentations and information regarding various topics are discussed. Active participation of members makes the meeting very enjoyable and fulfilling. WUB Hawaii is constantly in close contact with the rest of the WUB chapters worldwide, enabling it to quickly respond to any international business opportunity.

Joining and supporting WUB/Okinawan Chamber of Commerce is an investment in your business and Okinawans worldwide for two reasons.

 Making a Difference

WUB works to ensure that your business can grow and prosper. We represent the interests of international Okinawan (or Okinawans at heart) businesses and pay close attention to the social aspects and camaraderie of its membership, their associates, and families.

– Helping Members Grow

No matter what your vision is for your business’ future, WUB is prepared to help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level. WUB’s programs will help you develop new business opportunities, expand your business base, and assist with connections that will further your business goals. It provides a wonderfully entertaining and fun venue for exchanging information, networking, and enjoying the camaraderie and social exchange of its convivial and often gregarious members.



Why should I join WUB/Okinawan Chamber of Commerce?

WUB Hawaii provides the best of two worlds. It is a promoter of local and international businesses and business related activities and programs. In addition, it is a Chamber of Commerce and its affiliation with the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce provides services and access to an even broader range of resources.

The Chamber of Commerce protects entrepreneurs and employers from escalating health and workers comp rates, and other increasing business costs. They fight hard for you at the State Capitol, preserving your right to manage effectively and control costs to your business.

In addition to defeating onerous regulatory and legislative challenges, the Chamber is the leading organization pro-actively supporting improvements in education, transportation, and so much more.

Your WUB membership provides the necessary resources to get the job done, and our success is based entirely on your willingness to support us and be a participatory member. Your investment impacts Okinawans and Okinawans at heart here in Hawaii and throughout the world. Make a difference.

What types of companies join the Chamber?

WUB represents all sizes and types of businesses and reflects the diversity of our state and global Okinawan community. Although we are a relatively small group, we are involved in a wide range of businesses, including real estate, construction, insurance, publishing, manufacturing, consulting, wholesaling and more. All share a common vision to continue to find ways to help the Okinawan business community sustain, grow and expand on a global basis. We represent a global business community which gives WUB excellent credibility and broad opportunities on a worldwide stage.

There are other business groups. What makes WUB the best?

Since our founding in 1997, WUB has been the largest organization supporting the worldwide Okinawan business community. Created by local leaders 11 years ago, we remain committed to supporting the needs of the Okinawan business community along with aggressively working to strengthen and build a worldwide business environment.

How are WUB’s priorities achieved?

WUB is a member-driven organization and openly discusses its strategic vision and priorities with its membership, advisors and officers. WUB is recognized as the official voice of the Okinawan business community.

I’m considering membership in my local chapter.  Is there a difference between my local chapter and the international organization?

Joining your local chapter gives you immediate access directly to the international network of twenty plus chapters in all parts of the world. Your local chapter works hard to open business opportunities on a global scale. Local chapters play a very active and important role in enhancing their local communities, and WUB International aggressively acts on worldwide issues which may effect on your business.

How much does it cost?

Supporting the chapter is not only simple, it’s an investment that pays for itself all year long. Basic membership for everyone is a mere $100. Affiliate membership for students is free! For information, call (808) 398-3343 or on-line at

What benefits will I receive?

Numerous networking and marketing opportunities are available to give you exposure. Networking opportunities are held throughout the year that can increase your client and referral base. Most importantly you have an opportunity to get involved and use your voice through numerous avenues to support business growth and have fun with a dynamic and fun-loving group of individuals.

How much time do I have to invest as a Chapter member?

Membership in the chapter takes as much or as little time as you want. We believe that participation in the activities and camaraderie of the members provides the most enjoyment and benefits. Many members choose to provide financial support for activities and programs that benefit all businesses.

Join today and invest in the success of the Okinawan business community and help us shape the future of Okinawans worldwide.