UTS III – Documents & Resources

The purpose of this page is to provide background information important for understanding the issue of the US military bases in Okinawa.  We hope to provide links to:

  • historical documents,
  • official government statements, and
  • academic analyses of the issue.

In addition to security and geopolitical concerns, we also want to take into account sources that touch on economic development, social development, environmental concerns, and democratic participation.

We believe that what happens in Okinawa will have implications not only locally but also globally.  What happens in Okinawa is of concern to the worldwide Okinawan community.


Shimonoseki Treaty  (China and Japan, 1895)

Treaty of San Francisco (1951)  (Note: Ryuku Island mentioned in Article III of text.)

Okinawa Reversion Agreement (1971)

SoFA 1960

Status of Forces Agreement 1995

Status of Forces Agreement 2000

Okinawa Consolidation Plan (2013)


Geoff Wade.  2007.  “Ryuku in the Ming Reign Annals 1380s-1580s.” Asia Research Institute Working Paper Series No. 93.  National University of Singapore.

Summary: This lengthy paper (120 pages) is very useful for understanding what Okinawa was like before the Japanese takeover.  In the first 30 pages Wade provides an overview of the politics, economics, and social life of the Ryuku Islands in the 1300s to 1600s.  (Note: The Ryuku comprises several islands, of which Okinawa is one.)  This overview provides the context needed for understanding the translation of the Ming court annals (Ming Shi lu).  The remainder of Wade’s paper consists of the translation of the royal court records of events taking place between the Ryukuan kingdom, the Ming court, and other parts of Asia and Southeast Asia (modern day Korea, Thailand, Indonesia).  The Ryuku kingdom was not an isolated backwater but situated in the midst of a vibrant network of economic, social, and political relationships.

To read Wade’s paper please visit: http://www.ari.nus.edu.sg/docs/wps/wps07_093.pdf



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